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The Midland Public Schools Business Office staff is responsible for processing biweekly pay for approximately 970 school district employees. This is done in compliance with all applicable federal and state law, and current bargaining agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I access my pay statements and W-2 information?down arrow

Employee Access Center (EAC) – online site that houses your payroll, benefit and demographic information. Your network username and password, or your Employer ID number in the username field and the last four digits of your social security number as the password can be used to log in

When are pay statements available?down arrow

Online pay statements are available on scheduled pay dates. The online pay statement may be available before the actual pay date, but funds will not be posted to your account until the actual pay date.

I did not get paid. What should I do? down arrow

  • Log in to Employee Access Center (EAC) and see if there is a link to your check stub.
  • If your paycheck was not in EAC, contact the employee responsible for entering your attendance.
  • If there is a check listed in EAC, contact the business office.

My leave amounts are not correct on my paycheck.down arrow

  • If it is your first paycheck of the new fiscal year, please contact the payroll specialist at, or at the number below in the contact us section.
  • If it is during the school year, and you notice an inaccuracy in your leave amounts, please contact your building Administrative Assistant.

I submitted documentation for additional monies that are not reflected on my paycheck. What should I do?down arrow

Miscellaneous Payment Requests, Reimbursement Requests and Mileage requests go through additional approval processes. It may take one to two paychecks for you to see the extra payment on your paycheck.

What is the deadline for submitting paperwork for payroll?down arrow

All requests for payment must be approved and in the business office no later than 2:30 on the Friday before a payroll Friday.

When do coaches get paid for sports?down arrow

Coaching Staff Pay Dates
        1st half Paid       2nd half Paid
FALL       9/10/2021       10/22/2021
WINTER       12/31/2021       02/11/2022
SPRING       04/22/2022       05/20/2022

What are the deductions on my pay statement? down arrow

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